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Mövenpick Myth Hotel Patong Phuket’s early 20th century inspired swimming pool, featuring two waterfalls and highlighted by its classic-chic swim-up bar, Azure, re-imagines the concept of ‘Laze.’ With melodies to perfect the occasion and offering a soothing and palate-invigorating selection of cocktails, mocktails and nibbles, Azure Pool Bar is truly the epicenter of Mövenpick Myth Hotel Patong Phuket.

Refreshing Poolside Beverages at Azure Pool Bar | Movenpick Myth Hotel Patong Phuket

Movenpick Myth Hotel Patong Phuket is a sanctuary of extravagance, situated in the heart of one of the most picturesque destinations on Earth. In the epicentre of this luxury hotel, nestled between tall-standing white-washed buildings that create a shaded haven, is our infamous Azure Pool Bar. Our pool sits atop the grand lobby, spanning the entirety of the hotel’s first-floor outdoor space. Featuring multiple seating areas, two waterfalls, and numerous restaurants, it is the perfect location to spend the day. One incredible feature that makes us stand out above the rest is this epicentral pool bar.

With a classic-chic-swim-up design, it is the perfect place to immerse yourself in ultimate relaxation. Our pool bar mocktails, cocktails, and snacks are made with a meticulous level of care and dedication, offering some of the most palate-invigorating choices you’re likely to find in Phuket. Our Azure Pool Bar will help you reimagine the concept of ‘laze’, easing you into an experience of absolute bliss. Every finite feature of our hotel pool bar is designed to provide our guests with a luxurious and unforgettable experience. There is no place more stunning to enjoy a refreshing beverage and escape the midday tropical heat. Whether you’re here for lively pool bar cocktails or wish to unwind and reflect, basking in the magnificent sophistication of Movenpick Myth Hotel Patong Phuket’s unique décor and extravagant facilities, there is no better place than the Azure Pool Bar.

Imagine waking up each morning and slipping into euphoria, perusing the menu at Phuket’s finest ‘by the pool’ restaurant. Additionally, we also offer exquisite dining across two more fine dining restaurants, each with its individual personality, offering an array of delicious food from around the world. When you book with Movenpick Myth Hotel Patong Phuket, expect nothing less than perfection.

Luxurious Offerings and Amenities at the Azure Pool Bar

Movenpick Myth Hotel Patong Phuket’s one-of-a-kind Azure Pool Bar can provide all one needs to immerse oneself in absolute opulence. Swim up and order from an extensive beverage selection, or order our immeasurable poolside gourmet snacks. For those with a table reservation at our other exquisite restaurants, our pool bar is in the centre of our hotel, making it the perfect place to cool off with something refreshing as you wait.

When delving into the incredible delights our hotel pool bar offers, you can immerse yourself in the experience by sitting under a waterfall or on our in-water seating. Alternatively, guests can embrace relaxation on our large, cosy sun loungers or opt for a private cabana to enhance the luxurious and exclusive experience Movenpick Myth Hotel Patong Phuket offers.

Accessibility and Reservation Policies

Not only is our Azure pool bar available for guests at Movenpick Myth Hotel Patong Phuket, but everyone is free to join us for one of the most unique and luxurious experiences in Patong. If temptation is driving you towards joining us for a morning, afternoon, or evening of poolside treats, you can reserve your spot by booking a table at the bottom of this page. Finding us couldn’t be simpler as we are in the heart of Patong, not too far from the beach, just off Rat Uthit Song Roi Si Road. Come by and immerse yourself in our tranquil environment while feasting on perfection.

Tempting Signature Cocktails and Culinary Delights

At Movenpick Myth Hotel Patong Phuket, we strive to ensure our restaurants and bars deliver the most impeccable service. At our Azure Pool Bar, guests can explore a plethora of gourmet snack options. We offer a selection of tartines, burgers, pasta, pizzas, club sandwiches, and sides: the best accompaniment to our vast menu of pool bar mocktails and cocktails. Our menu boasts twelve classic cocktails and our very own signatures, and our highly experienced mixologists are happy to curate anything you don’t see on the menu. There is nowhere in Phuket where you can dine in this level of style. Each morning, we can deliver a floating breakfast so guests can experience fine dining whilst enjoying our immense pool. Furthermore, our culinary delights don’t end at the hotel pool bar; we offer a chance to experience fine dining from around the world at the Atrio restaurant or enjoy a Barronco cocktail from an even more extensive menu before hitting the town. Everything we offer our guests is of the highest quality, carefully prepared by our highly trained culinary experts and made using the freshest ingredients. If you want to experience a new level of elegance, you know where we are. At Movenpick Myth Hotel Patong Phuket, luxury is the only option.

Operating Hours and Availability

The Azure Pool Bar operates every day of the year, ensuring guests can always experience the thrill of our luxurious in-pool dining. From the early morning, we deliver poolside or floating breakfasts, allowing our hotel guests to start their day in an exciting and unique way. The hotel pool bar is then open throughout the entire day, up until the evening, for a delicious nightcap under the stars. For those wishing to book a table, especially those who aren’t hotel guests, it is highly recommended that you book as far in advance as possible. We try our best to offer a fully flexible service to ensure guests have a fantastic time, but our Azure Pool Bar can sometimes be in high demand. We don’t want anyone to miss our beautiful pool bar, so try your best to plan in advance.

Fee Structure for Accessing the Azure Pool Bar

If you are staying with Movenpick Myth Hotel Patong Phuket, you will have free access to the entire pool and be able to enjoy a pool bar cocktail or delicious treat without care. However, external visitors will need to book a table for drinks or dining or pay a small fee to experience our exceptional amenities. For more information, we recommend contacting us directly to ensure the pool is available for your enjoyment.

Ensuring Guest Comfort and Security at the Azure Pool Bar

The safety and comfort of guests is our primary obligation. At Movenpick Myth Hotel Patong Phuket, every area is staffed with highly trained individuals capable of handling any situation. From ensuring you are as relaxed as you can be to providing guidance and assistance during emergencies, every dedicated member of our team is here to look after you. You couldn’t be better taken care of than when visiting The Azure Pool Bar.

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